About us

Our Mission

To provide high-quality learning experiences based on a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our Vision

To provide a well rounded education that enables our students develop vital life skills and excel academically in a global, competitive world.


Our Core Values


We respect, support and care for each other, ourselves and our environment. We demonstrate respect by welcoming difference, developing empathy and seeking inclusiveness.


We expect all community members to speak and act honestly, ethically and fairly.

Love of Learning

Curiosity, creativity and critical thinking inspire our passion for learning. We listen, understand, question and grow – as individuals, community members and global citizens.


We value both intellectual and personal courage, ensuring that all are encouraged to question and be questioned. We honor courage in both word and action by fostering intellectual independence, introspection and resilience.


Welcome, RCIS Alumni!

RCIS alumni represent an active, generous and global group. We engage in many aspects of RCIS life — through volunteering, event participation, social networks, financial support and, of course, with much joy at annual reunions and homecoming weekend.

This space is your place to connect with classmates, learn about exciting RCIS initiatives and show support for RCIS students.

RCIS alumni encompass all former students of RCIS, including those who left prior to graduation. Once you’ve attended RCIS, we always have a place for you.

We warmly encourage you to contact us with questions or suggestions. Thank you for all you do for the RCIS community. We hope to see or hear from you soon!

It’s our aim to prepare you for the future. We’ll encourage you to explore the subjects that interest you the most, help you achieve the best grades you can and develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed on your chosen path. RCIS is one of the leading independent schools in Nigeria, and the top English as Second Language immersion school in Western Nigeria with affiliate universities and high schools in Canada and United Kingdom. Faculty, staff, and administration work together to create a dynamic learning environment for all Reeganians, whether preschool, elementary or high model school.

Barr. Mrs Rita A

CEO & Founder

Parent Association

All RCIS parents are members of The RCIS School Parent Association. The association works to promote a sense of community among families, to provide communication between the parent body and school, to support classroom and school activities, and to raise funds to enhance the RCIS experience for all students. The Parent Association brings families together to support school programs and events.

School Leadership

Barr. Mrs Rita A

– CEO & Founder

Mr. Maxwell Babajide Olajide

– Director of Studies & Administrations

Mr Govern Pearce

– Principal

Miss Onabanjo Oluwakemi

– Vice Principal

Mrs. Vicky O. Udo

– Nursery & Elementary Manager

affiliate universities