School Leadership

Barr. Mrs Rita A – CEO & Founder: Welcome to Reegan Canadian International School (RCIS), a dynamic learning community for students in preschool to Year 12. We know young people learn in lots of different ways, so we offer the flexibility to adapt our curriculum accordingly.
It’s our aim to prepare you for the future. We’ll encourage you to explore the subjects that interest you the most, help you achieve the best grades you can and develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed on your chosen path. RCIS is one of the leading independent schools in Nigeria, and the top English as Second Language immersion school in Western Nigeria with affiliate universities and high schools in Canada and United Kingdom. Faculty, staff, and administration work together to create a dynamic learning environment for all Reeganians, whether preschool, elementary or high model school.

RCIS results are well above provincial averages, and usually within the top ten schools in the province.
LLB. B.Sc Econs. DIP Info Tech. PGD Education

Mr. Maxwell Babajide Olajide – Director of Studies & Administrations: Boarding & day pupils whether you’re a boarding or day pupil, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in school life at Reegan Canadian international school. Being at Reegan is not just about what you learn in the classroom, on the sports field, or in the theatre. It’s also about feeling at home and making friends. We hope that every pupil will feel welcome during their time with us and make happy memories to look back on with fondness. We make no distinction between our day and boarding pupils – everyone has the chance to get involved with all aspects of life at the school.

Day pupils
Day pupils are assigned to houses along with their boarding peers and are encouraged to take part in all house activities. In-house study rooms Every Senior School day pupil is assigned a study bedroom in-house. This gives them their own space for school work and relaxation during the day and in the evenings, which they are welcome to decorate within the rules of the school. They also have access to all the facilities in the boarding houses including common rooms for socializing with their friends.

Although day pupils are free to do prep at home, many choose to stay on into the evening and do their prep in-house. Meals All meals are included in the day fee so day pupils are welcome to join us for launch. Fresh fruit and bread are available in-house for all pupils if they get hungry during the day too. Activities & facilities Being equipped for boarding means we have the facilities, grounds, activities, and support mechanisms in place to provide a truly all-around educational experience which day pupils can take full advantage of too. Many day pupils regularly stay on into the evening to join in with the wide array of extra-curricular activities on offer to all pupils.

Flexibility for parents
On any occasion when there is an early start the next day for an activity organized by us, day pupils are welcome to stay the night free of charge. We can also cater for occasional overnight stays at other times, depending on availability (these overnight stays incur a charge). This flexibility can be a big advantage for parents with work or other commitments.

We run a network of buses that provide pickups and drop-offs for day pupils throughout the region from Monday to Friday during term time. School buses leave at 6.30 pm. This, combined with the fact we have lessons on Saturday mornings, a games program on Saturday afternoons, and Chapel and outings on Sundays means the school is busy seven days a week. There are no leave weekends in the Senior School and the majority of our staff live on-site, so there is a real sense of community on campus during term time. Our boarding pupils come from the UK, Lagos, the rest of the Country. We take pride in welcoming pupils from all backgrounds and family circumstances, helping them feel nurtured, supported, and included during their time with us. Every boarding house has a Housemaster or Housemistress who lives with their own families in attached accommodation.
Teacher’s Grade Two Certificate, Teacher’s Diploma in Yoruba, Bachelors of Art in Yoruba

Mr Govern Pearce – Principal

At Reagan Canadian International school, we understand the need for a high standard of education for children at the most important stage of their lives.
We go above and beyond Ontario standards with our class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratio. This means your child has more opportunities to express themselves and receive more individual attention from teachers.

…a school that understands the need for a higher standard of education for children in the most important stage of their lives
…a school where children learn to think globally from a young age

…children who have healthy minds and bodies
…children who are confident and self-aware
…children who have a headstart in all aspects of education

….By developing our blended curriculum, we can make sure that the content is designed specifically to suit the needs and interests of our students.

Our dedicated curriculum team has created our original phonics program, complete with original characters to help children with their first steps towards literacy. We also have a detailed Sight Words program. These complimentary programs help us maintain the confidence that our students will graduate with stronger literacy skills than other students within the same age group.

In addition to our excellent original Numeracy program, we also run month-long integrated curriculum programs. This curriculum allows children to learn in a hands-on way, through practical experiments, creative arts, music, and literature.


Miss Onabanjo Oluwakemi – Vice Principal: We can’t wait to welcome you to the Reegan community.
We’re much delighted you’re considering Reegan Canadian International School for your child; IT’S INDEED A SCHOOL FOR THE CHILD YOU LOVE.
We know choosing a new school for your son or daughter can be a daunting task, our aim is to make the process as smooth as possible and do everything we can to help you make the right decision for your child.
By choosing Reegan, you’re embarking on a journey which will provide your child and family with treasured memories and friends for life. Our global community of parents, grandparents, staff, pupils and alumni is something we’re immensely proud of, and we look forward to welcoming you too.

Experiencing Reegan for yourself is an important part of choosing your new school and there are plenty of opportunities for you and your family to visit us.
We hold open mornings throughout the year where interested families can take a tour of the school, speak to our staff and pupils, and see classes in action. Outside of open mornings, interested parents and children are welcome to join us for an individual visit.

There are also options for children to come for a taster day or overnight stay to enjoy the full Reegan experience.

– CISM. B.Sc. (Ed.) NCE

Mrs. Vicky O. Udo – Nursery & Elementary Manager: Life moves faster and is more chaotic than ever before. Current preschools leave us torn between what we think is best for our child and what we know we need for ourselves.
Your wellness and the wellness of your child shouldn’t be a question of Either/Or. Reegan Pre-School is an early learning center committed to yes/and Yes to providing the best educational experience for your child and to supporting you in living your life to the fullest.

We’re driven to create the most nurturing, positive, and holistic experience possible for your child. We provide seed-to-table nutrition, thoughtfully designed facilities, professional staff, and an intercultural program. That’s where our collaboration starts.

Overwhelmed with choices? Maybe just overwhelmed? Wanting to do what’s best for your child but not sure what that is, or not enough time to do it? We know the feeling.
At Reegan, we’re here for your child—and for You. Everything is included. Clear policies, Affordable fees, Fewer headaches and Greater peace of mind.

Play profoundly shapes the performance of the human brain, at every age. Play correlates with creativity, imaginative problem-solving, resilience, and the capacity to learn from making a mess of things. Under the keen guidance of well-prepared, professional educators, your child will explore their natural curiosity through the physical world. This project-based approach is sometimes called “child-originated and teacher framed.” It’s a remarkably powerful and engaging way to learn. Go ahead, have fun; we love to have you as our partner. Welcome, be a Reeganian.

B.Sc. Edu in Counselling Psychology & English