Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

To provide high-quality learning experiences based on a broad and balanced curriculum. 

Our Vision

To provide a well rounded education that enables our students develop vital life skills and excel academically in a global, competitive world.

Our Core Values


We respect, support and care for each other, ourselves and our environment. We demonstrate respect by welcoming difference, developing empathy and seeking inclusiveness.

Love of Learning

Curiosity, creativity and critical thinking inspire our passion for learning. We listen, understand, question and grow – as individuals, community members and global citizens.


We expect all community members to speak and act honestly, ethically and fairly.


We value both intellectual and personal courage, ensuring that all are encouraged to question and be questioned. We honor courage in both word and action by fostering intellectual independence, introspection and resilience.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin
Barr. Rita Amechi Adigwe
CEO & Founder, RCIS